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I’m an up and coming professional nail artist based in Milwaukee WI. My work is focused on producing quality, sleek, original nail sets coupled with a unique experience that results in people coming back time and time again. I’m always happy to engage and go above and beyond in order to fulfill my customers needs by using the experience and skills I’ve obtained throughout my life and career to create a truly unique experience during nail appointments. But what 's most important is the what I can do with nails. I love to get involved in making creative and innovative nail sets. Please have a look at all I've worked on, and let me know if you have any questions. 

Minimalist Beige Business Card (YouTube Banner) (16)
Minimalist Beige Business Card (YouTube Banner) (19)
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fall nails
Halloween roundies
Jade Inspired Nail
Mermaid Inspirtion
Gradution Nails
Blinged Out Grimlin
Aqua Team Hunger Force - Meatwad
Juneteenth Nails
Spider gel
Water Color Inspired
Nail Designs
Simple Extravagant
Artistically Simple
Nail Designs
Drip Tip Nails
Clam Inspired
Simple Shorties
Abstract Stiletto
Minimalist Beige Business Card (YouTube Banner) (17)

Professional Resume

My Experience

NajeeRenee Nail Boutique/  Training Courses 
- Instructor Entry



August 2023

Teaching those who love to learn about gel services.

NajeeRenee Nail Boutique continues to offer high quality service to clients  & introduces new business venues. 

NajeeRenee Nail Boutique
-Sole Proprietor 

August 2023


August 2022

Opened NajeeRenee Nail Boutique located downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Celebrating One Year In Business!

5 Star Rating on Google

Najee Renee
-Sole Proprietor 

July 2022


June 2022

Well received, sanitary and clean nail technician, that aims to provide clients with the best customer service possible. Utilizing advanced technical skill and applying knowledge of hand and foot anatomy to enhance and achieve beautiful manicures and pedicures along side the physical contact experience. Through it all, built clientele listing of 90% return clients. 

Advanced Nail Tech Academy

 April 2022


  June 2022

Learned nail and skin disorders, manicuring and pedicuring, safety and sanitation, anatomy and physiology, applicable laws, business and record management.

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